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Together we can build a force to protect ourselves

Movement toward a project to assist Abused woman,
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I am creating this community, to begin a project I have felt passionate toward for a very long time. It is my goal to open a battered women's Community(not shelter), which is also an animal shelter. I have sources to provide used vehicles for the women, help to find them jobs, and of course they could always work in the animal shelter and take pets "home" with them. I also have ex-cops to work security. Now I just need enough funding to get the property and fix it up. I am looking to purchase a large camp of sorts, so each "family" would have their own private apartment and entrance. So women could feel secure, but not have to sleep next to strangers. There are many old camps, and bungalow colonies in my area for sale, or lease. I was abused for 6 years, my story ending in my going to prison, I am telling my story, in diary form under the user ID: beaten2submit
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